APRU Plus: Addressing the Crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has provided us with a reminder that even in uncertain times, APRU is a diverse community of people who lead, create, inspire and learn—together.


APRU members are already sharing their policies and actions responding to the crisis on our webpage Coronavirus emergency and APRU universities.


As a service to our members, we have prepared APRU Plus an online hub of information for all of us working virtually. This hub gives members access to webinars, knowledge exchange, and communications updates about the ongoing health crisis and the universities across the Asia Pacific. 

Upcoming events

June 3, 2020

What is the new normal for student recruitment and mobility?

June 5, 2020

How have countries responded to COVID-19 and how can we learn from this experience?


Dr Karen Grépin,

The University of Hong Kong

June 12, 2020

Bioethics and COVID-19


Prof Angus Dawson,

The University of Sydney

June 17, 2020

Multi-Hazards Approach and COVID-19: Flattening the Curve and Early Recovery Lessons

Organized by

APRU-IRIDeS Multi-Hazards Program 

June 19, 2020

Environmental Factors and COVID-19: Preliminary findings from China


Prof Haidong Kan,

Fudan University

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