Quarantunes Top Entries


Below is a gallery of a shortlist of top 40 submissions for the #Quarantunes student music competition.

The Quarantunes student music competition offered students a chance to inspire each other and our communities by making music. Students were challenged to help fellow students see beyond current difficulties, come together in mutual support, and strengthen the determination and hope for the future.


The Shortlist

With over 100 entries, we selected a shortlist, of which, the public voted for the winning teams. The shortlisted entries were chosen using five criteria: musical arrangement, technical proficiency, originality, video and/or audio quality, and concept and message.

Vote For Your Favorite Entry (Closed)

The voting period for the APRU Quarantunes competition has closed and the audit has been completed. We thank all of the students who have participated and for inspiring communities worldwide to keep a positive view on our collective future.

  • The tally of votes for each entry is subject to audit.

  • APRU discourages sponsorships to boost Facebook posts and will take precautions to mitigate sponsored posts.


The APRU Quarantunes competition results are announced on the Student Competition webpage.


1st Prize      US$5,000

2nd Prize    US$3,000

3rd Prize     US$2,000

Review the shortlisted entries below.